Who is Boone Properties?

Boone Properties is the foremost real estate investment company in the Northwest Seattle area, specializing in helping homeowners who need to sell their houses fast. We buy houses for CASH, as is, in whatever condition they may be.

The best offer for your house in cash.

Boone Properties  is your best option if you want to sell your house fast without fuss and extra fees.

Here’s why:

Direct buyer. No commissions charged.

We are a real house buyer. When we buy your house for cash, we’re buying it directly from you no end buyer in the picture required so you don’t need to pay commissions. We do our own inspections and appraisals so you don’t pay those fees. We don’t need an end buyer to close, you get your money in as little as a week’s time!

We don’t need banks and private lenders to close.

Unlike other ‘real estate investment’ firms, we have our own private funds, so we can make decisions quickly without needing banks or private lenders.

We don’t need to wait until your house is fixed.

Boone Properties buys houses for cash, rehabilitates and fixes properties that need work, then sells them on the open market when they’re done. This is why we don’t need you to fix up your house first– leave it to us, that’s what we do.

We’re local, professional and right in your neighborhood.

We’re full-time professional investors that are up-to-date with Greater Seattle real estate market values, so you can be sure we can give you a fair assessment of your house and put in an offer in as little as a day.

Sell your house quickly for the best price. If you need to sell your house fast, contact Boone Properties now. Click this link and we’ll contact you ASAP with an offer to buy your house for CASH!

Boone Properties is the premier house buyer in the Greater Seattle area with years of experience in the real estate investment business. We buy houses fast for CASH.

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